Mike Song

Mike Song

Get Control! University

The Get Control!  University Story

Ten years ago Mike Song was working at a Fortune 500 company and feeling overwhelmed by the volume and quality of email and meetings. He also was struggling to organize all his digital information so that he could find things fast and get more done. He felt like he was running in place – like a hamster on a wheel.

The corporate university where Mike worked offered lots of long, deep-dive courses – for example, an all daytime management seminar. Mike tried these courses and found many of the tips – like getting his inbox to zero – did not work for him.

Mike decided to develop Get Control! University to help him conquer his most challenging productivity pain points. By asking a simple question – What technology and tasks take up most of my time? — he arrived at a powerful set of targeted best practices that had an immediate and huge impact on his performance.

Mike sorted the concepts into short, high-impact classes focused on the most time-consuming tasks (email, meetings, etc.) and technology (Microsoft, Apple, Google). Get Control! University was born. Within weeks, Mike received an order to train 10,000 people at Capital One and the rest is history.

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